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Construction of PTC Heat Generating Source

Round PTC cartridge example

The PTC pellet is a doped polycrystalline ceramic material, hence often is referred to as a "Ceramic Heater." Through highly controlled processes, barium titanate and other materials are formulated and heated to make a consistent polycrystalline structure from piece to piece. As a ceramic, the PTC pellet is a natural heat insulator, so the key to its design is not limited to formulation, but to heat transfer techniques which do not allow significant temperature changes during operation or degradation over long term usage. Also, it is an electrical insulator at low temperatures, so the surface coating which allows sufficient current for startup is also critical to the design.

Available PTC Heating Element Designs:

  • Round cartridge with insulated rubberized sleeve for insertion into a cylindrical cavity.
  • Rectangular cartridge with insulated rubberized sleeve for insertion into a rectangular cavity.
  • Aluminum housed flat cartridge for direct insertion into liquids.
  • Aluminum housed flat cartridge for spring fit against flat surfaces.
  • Unique systems integrating any of the above designs into heat sinks and other subsystems for use in the final applications.
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